Vocational Pathway


Vocational Pathway

Programme Purpose:

The Vocational Pathway is for our young people with a broad range of moderate learning difficulties and support needs who are developing the skills and knowledge they need to progress to their next step beyond Newfriars College and into adulthood: be that further study, for example, a General FE College; Supported Internship or Apprenticeship; Employment and/or Volunteering as well as being ready to live as fulfilling an adult life as possible. The Pathway prepares each young person for their next step into life beyond Newfriars College and into adulthood. Each young person participates in a varied curriculum offer which is built around the skills each individual young person needs to for their future that are transferable into adulthood.

Programme Format:

Each young person will participate in a structured curriculum offer with a focus on vocational and employability skills. The aim is to provide each young person with access to a breadth of work and employability skills, knowledge and experiences which take into the account that young person’s areas of interest and/or future aspirations.  

Our young people will be out in the community as well as engaging in a College based programme which will include access to our gym, pool and additional therapies as appropriate. All of the learners on the Vocational Pathway will complete work experience and/or work placements or visits.

Programme Content:

The Pathway programme is focussed on employability and vocational skills; English and Maths; a broad Preparation for Adulthood skills offer as well as a varied enrichment programme. In addition, each programme will be planned to support each young person to make progress towards achieving their EHCP outcomes across the four categories of an EHCP: Cognition and Learning; Communication and Interaction; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; and Sensory and Physical.

Over their time at the College, each of our young people on the Vocational Pathway will also access a rich Personal and Social Development curriculum offer including relationships and wellbeing, communication and friendships.

Our young people engage in enjoyable and purposeful lessons which strive to make learning as contextual and meaningful as possible. In addition, our young people build confidence and develop the skills necessary for a smooth transition for the next part of their journey into adulthood.

Programme Impact:

The Vocational Pathway is a setting for young adults. Our young people have a voice and choice. They have the opportunity to discuss and plan for their own personal future, goals and aspirations. The programme strives to be flexible and responsive to the individual interests and talents of each of our young people. Progress is tracked using the College’s ‘Evidence for Learning App’ to track individual progress built from photographs, video and feedback from the teaching and support teams. Parents/Carers will be given a personal log-in to access ‘Evidence for Learning’ to be able to see the progress of their son/daughter at any point.

Our aim is to prepare each of our young people to access a rich, purposeful adult life where they are able to work, volunteer, live as independently as possible while contributing to and participating in their community living a full and happy adult life.


Externally accredited employability and vocational qualifications E3 to Level 2. Newfriars College Step Up 3-6