Supported Living Pathway


Supported Living Pathway

Programme Purpose:

The Towards Supported Living Pathway is for our young people with the most complex needs. The Pathway prepares each young person for their next step into life beyond Newfriars College and into adulthood. Each young person has a personalised programme with a focus on developing skills for the future that are transferable into adulthood and into adult social care provision. Our aim is to support and prepare our young people to live their best possible adult life.

Programme Format:

Each young person will have a personalised timetable. This allows a balance of activities and sessions that meet the individual needs of each young person while also ensuring each young person has access to the breadth of learning experiences and opportunities in place for the Pathway.

Our young people will be out in the community as well as engaging in a College based programme which will include access to our gym and pool as appropriate. The curriculum uses broad themes including enterprise; good health; communication and friendship and community engagement to structure each day at College. The daily programme will embed the relevant additional therapies.

Programme Content:

Each young person will have a personalised programme built around their destination and their individual needs. There is a focus on Preparation for Adulthood: independent living, community inclusion and good health as well as each young person’s EHCP Outcomes across the four categories of an EHCP: Cognition and Learning; Communication and Interaction; Social, Emotional and Mental Health; and Sensory and Physical.

Each young person’s EHCP outcomes will be supported through participation in a varied and active curriculum offer. Each week our young people will complete a varied, sensory-rich programme. Over their time at the College, our young people will take part in enterprise activities; community based experiences; communication focussed sessions supporting young people to be able to communicate their personal needs, wishes and choices; and Good Health.

Our young people engage in enjoyable and purposeful lessons including cooking, breakfast club, daily life skills, communication, working together and team building. Our young people access meaningful activities which build confidence and develop skills necessary for a smooth transition for the next part of their journey into adulthood.

In addition, young people on our Towards Supported Living Pathway will access additional therapies depending on their individual needs. Therapies available include physiotherapy, hydro-therapy, speech and language therapy; music and art therapy. Individual personal care and nutrition needs will be supported by our Personal Care Team.

Programme Impact:

The Towards Supported Living Pathway is a creative, vibrant, nurturing and innovative pathway where each young person is supported holistically to achieve to their individual potential. Progress is monitored using areas of engagement and levels of independence. The College uses an ‘Evidence for Learning App’ to track individual progress built from photographs, video and feedback from the teaching and support teams. Parents/Carers will be given a personal log-in to access ‘Evidence for Learning’ to be able to see the progress of their son/daughter at any point.

Our aim is to prepare each of our young people to access a rich, purposeful adult life where they are able to participate in their community; communicate their needs and wishes; and, to enjoy a full and happy adult life.


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